Large-screen TV Installation

New Television Installations

TV upgrade time? Call@today for@free quote on all the newest and best TV’s and installation! 919-888-3500 New 85” 8K Sony? Yes please! Call us today for your own installed before football season. Watch your team win in style! …
Samsung THE FRAME professional installation

Samsung THE FRAME tv - Professional Installation

FYI the Samsung THE FRAME tv can come with different colored bezels to better showcase your artwork Let the Installsionals at ARC Electric install your new TV and turn your wall into an art display!
Outdoor Pool Wiring

Cool Pools - Wire it Up!

Are there any pictures better than this in this sweltering heat? 🥵 get a Cool Pools and we’ll wire it up 😬
Breaker Panel Change

Breaker Panel Repair

This panel got water in it and rusted through, also caused lots of corrosion and oxidization around the connections. All new again and ready for the new Homebuyers. What’s the inside of your panel look like? Tip top shape? Or in need of repair?…
ARC Electric ! Sample Electrical Diagram
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Home Owners Electrical 101

THE BASICS: Your home has a 120/240 volt system and, depending on the size of your home, 100 to 400 amps. Every home has a main breaker than can shut off power to the entire house. The main breaker is typically outside next to your electrical meter. Removing panel covers to access the wiring should only be done by a licensed electrician. If not handled correctly, an electrical shock and an ARC flash may cause severe burns and possibly death.
ARC Electric ! Holly Springs electrical panel upgrade
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Is your home ready for storm season?

Is your home ready for storm season? Call us today to get a Whole house surge protector installed for just $249 until April 20th.
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