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Panel Changes Apex and Cary, NC

Panel Changes

How to Tell if it’s Time to Upgrade my Electrical Panel?

In some instances, an electrical panel must be upgraded due to age or changes in electrical codes and standards. Sometimes, certain brands of electrical panels are recalled. Both of these examples present potential safety hazards that must be addressed.

More often, panel upgrades must be addressed when a home or business has reached its electrical capacity and there is no room to add additional circuits. These needs can include electrical demands related to building or home remodels, electric vehicle recharging stations, air conditioning, pools, or hot tubs. In order to accommodate these new requirements, a panel upgrade must be addressed.

How to Know if an Electrical Panel is At Capacity?

If you want to add onto your house, install a hot tub, or make some other addition that requires more energy, you’ll need to know if your circuit breaker can handle the extra load. But if you’re not sure, don’t be fooled into thinking that a breaker box with all of the slots filled is the same as a full breaker box. There are many telltale signs to know if you need to upgrade to a breaker box with a higher capacity, but there are also a few things that can fool you into believing that you don’t have enough capacity when you actually have plenty.

Safety is always #1 when we are dealing with electricity. There are certain outdated brands you need to know about before you decide whether you need a panel change. We can tell you if your breaker box is dangerous. And then take a look at these tips for knowing when your breaker box is adequate and when you need to an electrical panel upgrade for a home addition or just to keep your home safe from electrical fires.

Panel Changes

Breaker Box: How to Know If Your Current Breaker Box Can Handle More Amperage

While you might have more than enough circuits to add another switch, you still might not have enough available amperage. For instance, if you added an electric dryer on an electrical panel that was already near capacity, you might not have enough available amperage capacity to add the hot tub that you wanted.

Telltale Signs Your Breaker Box is at Amperage Capacity

There are several signs that your breaker box is above its capacity, including:

  • Flickering lights or appliances that shut off
  • Electrical box switches that frequently turn off
  • Buzzing or sparking around the electrical panel

If you notice any of these signs, it’s probably time to get an electrical panel upgrade before you add on anything more. Even if you’re not ready to add another major electrical appliance or addition to your home, it’s still time to have your breaker box upgraded so that your home is more protected from electrical fires.

Remember safety first – and call ARC Electric for your Apex or Cary panel changes!