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Here When You Need Us – Coronavirus and Electricians

Hi Neighbors,
…turns out 2020 had some surprises in store for all of us. We hope your families and homes are holding up well in all this craziness. We wanted to reach out to all of you in our community to let you know we are here for you if you need us. Murphy’s law would have it that most things fail at the most inopportune time, and this would definitely qualify. Just know that we are still available 24/7 for any electrical and plumbing needs you may run into. If Our state institutes a lock down like New York and California we would still be available for emergency purposes. You’ll be glad to know that we’ve taken special precautions as of a few weeks ago to ensure we remain available to you.
  • Our office staff are working from home
  • All our techs check their temperatures before coming into work, and are scanned again once they arrive at our shop in the mornings.
  • All our techs have been informed to stay home if they exhibit any symptoms outlined by the CDC regarding covid-19.
To mitigate any falsehoods they have all been reassured that we will continue paying our technicians if they were to have symptoms or fall ill.
As an extra precaution, if you are high risk or are uncomfortable with someone in your home at this time we have masks and gloves available that the technicians can wear in your home.
We will get through this together, we love this community and are proud to do our part.
Thank you,
Rich Levert – President

Spring Forward – And Check Your Smoke Detectors!

Time to spring forward this Sunday! Now is a great opportunity to replace smoke detector batteries.

Did you know?

• If a power outage occurs for 2 or more days, batteries should be replaced.

• Smoke detectors need to be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust. This ensures that smoke can reach the alarms sensor.

• Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years, the manufacturing date is located on the back of the detector.

• Older homes built prior to 1993 were not required to have smoke detectors in every bedroom. Also, starting in 2011, carbon monoxide detectors were required on every level of a home.

If you would like to update and include interconnected detectors in your home, give us a call to talk about options available.  This is just one of our many residential electric services!

Residential Electricians Install Smoke Alarms