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Raleigh Electrical Panel Upgrade
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Raleigh Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your Electrical Service Breaker Panel is the heart of your electrical system it distributes power from your service provider to every electrical device in your home or business. If this fails or is out of date major problems can occur, loss…
Thermal Temperature Screening Solutions

Cary Electrical Services

Working as Cary electricians for other local service companies, we noticed the shortcomings in customer service, so we decided to create ARC Electric Inc. so that the Cary area can have better electricians; a family owned and…
Raleigh Electrician - Home Theater Installation
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Raleigh, Cary, Holly Springs, Apex Service Electrician: Home Theater

Home theaters require more than just plugging in a few appliances. Most systems use multiple components: the television or projector, the DVD or Blu-ray player, the cable box, the stereo system and however many speakers you wish to include…
Slice Pie Gift Cards
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ARC Electric Supports Local Businesses

Support local! Plus pies are delicious, who doesn’t need a delicious pie in 2020? Slice Pie Company ARC Electric provides Residential and Commercial Electrician services including: 24/7 emergency service Lighting installation…
Cary service electrician for Home Theater Installation

Another Home Theater Installation by your Cary Service Electrician

When you must stay at home - home theater is the answer! ARC Electric offers expert multimedia and custom audio/video installation, to create specialized systems specific to each client’s home. We pride ourselves on delivering quality work…
Thermal Temperature Screening Solutions

Want to Re-Open Safely?

Looking to reopen your business safely? Contact us today for this awesome solution! #ArcElectric #smartsolutions #Reopensafely See all of our Commercial Electrical Services!
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