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Residential Yard Lighting
Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

#TuesdayTip : Installing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) could prevent half of the home electrical fires that occur each year.  Call Arc Electric for a home electrical safety inspection! Learn more:  #NESM…
Panel of LED Lighting

ARC has installed LEDs replacing incandescents!

ARC Electric has now installed: 1646 LED lights replacing incandescents! that’s a savings of 244,447kw/hrs a year! Or $26,889.22 in savings to our customers. * based on an average of the lights being on 8hrs. a day, 60watt bulbs…
Light Bulb

How many Oscar winners does it take to screw in a light bulb?

How many Oscar winners does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just One! But they couldn't do it without the support of their manager, agent, the academy and of course Mom and Dad! #electricalhumor  
Space Heater

Safety Tips - Space Heaters

According to @NFPA, space heaters cause of 79% of all fatal home heating fires. DO NOT plug a space heater into a Power strip or extension cord. They are not designed to handle the high current flow of a space heater and can overheat and catch…
Flood Safety Tips

Safety Tips - Flood Damage

#Floodwater contaminants can create #fire hazards if electrical wiring & equipment have gotten wet. In the aftermath of a flood, there may be hidden electrical hazards. Before beginning the cleanup effort, have a qualified Cary commercial…
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