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Home Owners Electrical 101

THE BASICS: Your home has a 120/240 volt system and, depending on the size of your home, 100 to 400 amps. Every home has a main breaker than can shut off power to the entire house. The main breaker is typically outside next to your electrical meter. Removing panel covers to access the wiring should only be done by a licensed electrician. If not handled correctly, an electrical shock and an ARC flash may cause severe burns and possibly death.

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Some lights getting brighter while others are dimmer?

Some lights getting brighter while others are dimmer? Appliances and electronics acting funny?

Well… there’s your problem

Well… there’s your problem…

To prevent Problems like these maybe you need a safety inspection

Why are the creepy doors always on Monday’s?

Why are the creepy doors always on Monday’s? #WhyIsThereALock #Nope #whatsbehinddoornumber1

Power of Past Posts – Electrical Safety Checklist from ESFI

Give Your Home an Electrical Safety Checkup

Just as regular wellness checkups are critical for maintaining your health, routine safety checkups are critical for the safety of your home.  Use ESFI’s handy Electrical Safety Checkup list to ensure that you can identify and correct potential electrical hazards around your home before an electrical fire or incident can result.

Regularly check the vitals of your home, and encourage your friends and loved ones to do the same!

Visit the National Electrical Safety Month section of the website for additional resources and suggestions for facilitating a local electrical safety awareness campaign.

Give Your Home an Electrical Safety Checkup.  Give-Your-Home-an-Electrical-Safety-Checkup from the Electrical Safety Foundation International Inc., and visit the ESFI site, here!  http://www.esfi.org/

Power of Past Posts – Electrical Panel Erosion

A pipe leak above this panel caused all of this corrosion in a fairly new panel.
Your Electrical Service Panel is the heart of your electrical system it distributes power from your service provider to every electrical device in your home or business. If this fails or is out of date major problems can occur, loss of power, damage to electrical appliances, and at worst an electrical fire.

For residential or commercial electricians, talk to the the experts at ARC Electric for your panel change / fuse box upgrade.  Contact an Apex commercial electrician at ARC Electric, and schedule a panel change for your residence or commercial building!

Power of Past Posts – Maintenance Schedule Help

For those who have a hard time with home maintenance schedules, check out HomeZada. Remember to test your GFCI’s!

HomeZada software provides a digital hub of information for your home. Get organized and save money managing your home with HomeZada. Get started today!

Avoid Expensive Repair Costs and Reduce Energy Bills

An annual home maintenance schedule is created for you with alerts and reminders of important monthly maintenance tasks to make sure your home is efficient, safe, and healthy for your family.


Power of Past Posts – Tamper Resistant Receptacle

What Does a Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR) Do?

Posted in Home Safety by ESFi

Tamper resistant receptacles (TRRs) provide a simple, permanent solution for preventing common childhood shock and electrical burn injuries caused by tampering with a wall outlet.

  1. Unprotected outlets are a hazard for small children.
  2. Serious injuries result when common household objects are pushed into the slots.
  3. TRRs replace standard outlets to protect children from injury.
  4. A built-in shutter system prevents objects from being inserted.
  5. Plugs can still be easily inserted when equal pressure is applied to both slots.
  6. Unlike removable outlet caps, TRRs provide a permanent solution.


Power of Past Posts – Halloween Safety

ESFI:  It’s Not a Trick.  Treat Yourself to Safety

  • Curiosity leads to many things, not all of them safe.  Protect children by installing Tamper Resistant Receptacles in your home.  This permanent, cost-effective solution prevents injuries and deaths caused by the insertion of foreign objects into outlets.
  • Avoid using dried flowers, corn stalks or hay in your festive decorations.  These items are highly flammable and could even be ignited by heat from a nearby lightbulb.
  • Outdoor electrical decorations are increasingly popular.  To reduce your risk of shocks, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) should be used wherever water may come into contact with electrical products.  Replace traditional receptacles with GFCIs or use a portable one.
  • Inspect all electrical decorations and extension cords before use.  Discard any that are have cracked, frayed, or exposed wiring.
  • Use only electrical decorations and products that have been tested and certified by a nationally recognized testing laboratory, such as UL, Intertek, or CSA.

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