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Electric Vehicle Charging solutions

With the explosion in popularity and availability of electric cars came the necessity to charge them at home efficiently and rapidly. Enter your local licensed electricians! EV chargers or EV capable outlets are a great addition to your home if you have an electrical vehicle Such as a Tesla or a hybrid like the Volvo XC90 some may even say a must! As these draw a substantial load on your homes electrical system its important to hire licensed, insured and experienced electricians to make the installation and operation of your charger smooth and seamless. At ARC electric we install approximately 5-10 EV charger solutions a month throughout the Raleigh area so you know you are in good hands choosing the #1 rated electricians in the triangle. We offer FREE on site quotes for your car charger solution to offer transaprency and multiple solutions and options to help you choose in a no pressure scenario, we can also help navigate the available state and government rebates that help some or all of the cost of your charger install. Available rebates can be found on our parent site www.alliedrepair.com/rebates 

We can also handle all necessary permits and inspections
Types of EV solutions:
  • Garage NEMA 14-50 outlet
  • Garage hardwired Tesla charger
  • Hardwired 3rd party Charger
  • Exterior Car charger installation
  • Commercial parking deck / curb side charging solutions

EV Chargers are a must for an Electrical vehicle owner

Tesla Chargerexterior EV charger

Whether its Hardwired or plug-in, Tesla, BMW, or Rivian we’ve got you covered!

Don’t find yourself stranded with low battery at home relying only on 120v outlet! charging this way can take over 10hours, be prepared before taking shipment of your new Electric car or hybrid, whether its a new Tesla S, Cyber Tuck, Rivian, or hybrid get the proper EV charging solutions ready in your garage and tap into your cars full potential. We are the best rated electricians in the triangle ready to handle any situation to help make your new car feel at home!

The National Electrical code has an entire section dedicated to EV charging solutions and parameters that must be adhered to qualify for available government rebates as well as stay safe, always do your due diligence and hire a qualified Licensed electrician for this type of work. any questions? we can help! Call Today for a free in home quote 919-888-3500 or email [email protected]

Not in Raleigh? no problem we serve all the surrounding communities alike! Check our service area page

EV Charger Solutions in Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, and Raleigh areas.

If you feel you have a EV charger or 14-50 outlet that is not correctly installed or perrmitedat all please call us and we will schedule a licensed electrician to come out and make sure your home is safe and help asses any electrical concerns. If you are uncertain please call us for a consultation.
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