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International Womens Day

Celebrating our MVP’s at ARC Electtric on International Women’s Day

You Have to Start Recruiting Young

When you have a dwindling labor pool you have to start recruiting young!



Sometimes, size does matter!

Sometimes, size does matter! #77inches #Superbowlready #areyou?

Start Them young!

Start Them young! Don’t listen to @arc.plumbing #CheapLabor #ARCElectric #Greatforcrawlspaces
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Home Theater Installation

Did you know, we can provide and install all your home theater needs?

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What ARC Customers are saying

We would happily call ARC again to have work done — they were wonderful and affordable!

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24/7 We Work in the Dark

Whatever, whenever you have a problem, call us immediately at (919) 888-3500. We respond to ALL emergencies, no matter what time of day or day of the week.

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Monday Money-Saving Tips

Do not let a potential emergency electrical issues wait! Some problems can be fixed inexpensively and can prevent bigger monetary loss and/or injury.