Spring Forward – And Check Your Smoke Detectors!

Time to spring forward this Sunday! Now is a great opportunity to replace smoke detector batteries.

Did you know?

• If a power outage occurs for 2 or more days, batteries should be replaced.

• Smoke detectors need to be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove dust. This ensures that smoke can reach the alarms sensor.

• Smoke detectors should be replaced every 10 years, the manufacturing date is located on the back of the detector.

• Older homes built prior to 1993 were not required to have smoke detectors in every bedroom. Also, starting in 2011, carbon monoxide detectors were required on every level of a home.

If you would like to update and include interconnected detectors in your home, give us a call to talk about options available.  This is just one of our many residential electric services!

Residential Electricians Install Smoke Alarms