Custom Pop-up Outlet with Wireless Charging

A Clean & Clutter-Free Aesthetic

Outlets in the wall are unsightly. They typically don’t match the room decor, they stick out on your walls, and are often inconvenient in their placement. They make your room look cluttered and often interfere with your overall aesthetic. Plus, cords to your electronics will often have to drape over the side of your cupboards or end tables when in use. Exactly what you don’t want! But a pop up outlet hides in a countertop or built-in when not in use, preserving the look of your room. And when in use, it helps keep cords from being in the way. Win-win!

This custom pop-up outlet also includes a wireless charging port on top, which can be used even without extending the pop-up outlet!  Contact us at ARC Electric for installation of your outlet – in reading nooks, kitchen counters, or other built-in counters, as you please.

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