LED Light Bulbs

With LED bulbs now hitting affordable prices, it might be time to run out and replace all the bulbs in your home.

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   Cree inc. has released a new 60w equivalent LED bulb that doesn’t look all that different from the regular incandescent light bulb with amazing upsides. The new bulb retails for $12.97 and can be found at your nearest Home Depot or online here. Now you might think $12.97 is still a lot for a regular light bulb, you can buy a 60watt incandescent bulb for around $0.50 or even a quality CFL equivalent for $2.00. so, why should i pay more, you ask? Here’s a few reasons:
  1. Energy Savings – Cree’s new LED uses 9.5watts to give out the same amount of light it takes 60watts for the incandescent and 13watts for the CFL,
  2. Life – LED bulbs can last 50,000 hrs! This is compared to only 5,000-8,000 for CFL’s and a 750 for incandescent. This bulb could last you 50 yrs!
  3. Green – CFL’s contain a small amount of mercury which reeks havoc to our environment when not disposed of properly.
  4. Instant on and Dimming – Unlike CFL’s these LED’s can dim utilizing your existing dimmer as well as turn on to full brightness immediately upon flipping the switch!

When factoring in these points, converting to LED’s will pay itself back in a matter of years and you’ll still have over a decade of lamp life to enjoy at a fraction of the cost.

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