Apex electrical contractor

A new whole house generator can be a significant, but necessary investment with the wind storms we get in Apex NC. . Whether you decide to install a backup generator that covers a few necessary circuits or the whole house, your new generator will only be as good as the electricians that install it and stand behind it. Here is a short checklist to help you select an electrical contractor in Apex , that has the knowledge and experience to best meet your all needs.

 Apex Electrical Contractor

Choosing The Right Apex, NC Electrical Contractor: 

  • Site Visit Be sure the electrical contractor you hire has done a thorough site visit. This allows you to meet the company in question face to face. Cleanliness, Courteousness, and Knowledge are of utmost importance. The site visit also allows the contractor to best asses your generator needs, and the current condition of your home’s electrical system.
  • Check ReviewsThere are many electricians that you can choose from in Raleigh NC. Reading reviews from past customers can offer great insight into the quality of workmanship as well as value. Google places, Angie’s list, and The BBB are all great sources.
  • Check Local and State LicensesCheck NC licensing board at www.NCbeec.org to ensure your electrical contractor is in fact licensed in North Carolina. You can also request to see insurance information.
  • Qualified Technicians and Installers –  Ask about the training, certifications and screening processes of employees.
  • Warranties and Maintenance AgreementsInquire about the availability of manufacturer warranties and service agreements to ensure your system maintains optimum efficiency and performance.
    • Arc Electric Inc. Warranties all labor 5yrs.
    • Arc Electric Inc. offers 1 year free maintenance plan with every new generator install. as well as long term yearly maintenance plans.
  • Serviceability Make sure the Apex electrical contractor you choose repairs the equipment they install and provides service if something goes wrong.
    • Arc Electric Inc. has technicians available 24/7 if the need ever arises
  • Ask Questions A new home backup generator is a large investment, so don’t feel pressured to make a quick decision. Ask about the installation process, permits, warranties, financing options, and the pros and cons of the presented options.
Check out Arc Electric for your Apex electrical contractor needs!